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We Have a Variety of Solution-Focused, Staff Development Programs:

  • Skill Development
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Spiritual Development

How We Serve Business & Team Leaders
When running a business or team, leaders can get so busy it seems there's barely time to think let alone strategize or problem solve. But keeping things running at their best is critical to cash flow. That's where we come in. AOWEE Consulting helps businesses develop their people and processes using assessment-based, professional training aimed at getting measurable results. We have assessments for the individual, job and organizational level.

We Make Things Easier For You
Many efficiency strategies used by Fortune 500 companies are quite affordable even for smaller business budgets. But which one is right for you? AOWEE's Consulting arm does that homework for you and creates a training to implement that solution. Plus, we then give you an extra pair of hands to get the important, but time-consuming aspects of running a business under control.

We Provide Continuing Education For Your Leaders
For teams leaders, ASSD offers business skill development training across the whole spectrum of prestigious MBA skills including verbal and written communication skills, conflict resolution, team management, customer management, technology management, risk management, project management and compliance. We can also assist with team-builders, meeting facilitation, executive coaching and small business consulting focused on improving results in the aforementioned areas.

We Provide Continuing Education For Your Entire Team

Additionally, to meet the professional training and development needs of employees and business leaders, APTD offers workshops, the ACPI Business Leadership Skills training program, AOWEE Career Services, Working Knowledge Radio Show and the AOWEE Resource Center - an members-only, online hub where individuals can easily find links to information on Work-Life Balance solutions.

We'll Help You Figure Things Out
You are welcome to explore our sites to find a solution on your own. With so much we offer, you may not know where to start. Please feel free to call and set up a free initial consultation. Simply, click on the "Appointment Calendar" link on the main menu and choose a time and method of connection that works for you. We'll help you determine which solutions best serve your unique needs.

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