Hear What People Are Saying About Us


  • Client: E. H. - Author :: Detroit, MI
  • Project: Book Tour
  • Goal: Increase profitability of book tour
  • Testimonial: "What amazed me about AJ is her laser focus on the facts. She doesn't pretend dreams are enough to pay the rent. She'll really put your feet to the fire to come up with practical ways of generating income to support your business ideas. With my input and buy-in, AJ outlined a strategy of creating companion speaking engagements and classes based on my book. Her insights energized me, enabled me to gain additional sales and gave me feasible ideas for obtaining more exposure on my book tour. Thanks so much, AJ!"

  • Client: T. H. - Community Activist and Non-Profit Organization Founder :: Omaha, NE
  • Project: Community Outreach Day
  • Goal: Bring families and communities together with a free parade and talent show at a local park
  • Testimonial: "Giving back to the community has always been very important to me. So when my organization, came up with a community celebration event, I wanted it to touch as many people as possible. AJ really helped in that area.??She took my vision and ran with it, creating a "Sing for your supper," event proposal that outlined a talent show contest to draw the masses. The plan included details on how to secure funding and sponsorship as well as tips on contacting the media such as radio stations to get the word out about my event. I did a radio interview and had so many turn out for the event we ran out of food to give away! AJ's consulting can help you make your dreams a spectacular reality."

  • Client: H. M. - Entrepreneur and Salon Owner :: Mansfield, TX
  • Project: Salon Service Expansion
  • Goal: Provide broader range of services to treat the clients like royalty with one-stop shop pampering and personal assistance
  • Testimonial: "When I considered expanding my salon beyond celebrity barbering services into providing a complete line of pampering and personal services for progressive professionals, AJ was there to help. She gathered the bits and pieces of our concept from our conversation and came up with a great business plan proposal that blew our mind. She painted a detailed picture of how our business could work, including operational details and step-by-step action plans. We simply had to plug in the numbers to create a budget. AJ is truly talented and insightful professional."

  • Client: D. M. - Manager and Business Owner :: Fort Worth, TX
  • Project: Time Management Make-Over
  • Goal: Make time to pursue professional advancement goals while balancing work and family
  • Testimonial: "When I met with AJ, I was so empowered by her form of coaching and consulting. She patiently listened to my concerns and used encouraging words that put my current schedule in perspective. She made me feel in charge of my life again. She also designed a customized schedule for me using her BPSI Model. I loved how it made time for all that was important to me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, competent and courageous coach or consultant. She is so knowledgeable. She can help you with a variety of personal and professional development projects."

  • Client: R.S. - Business Owner and Meeting Host :: Houston, TX
  • Project: Skill Development Presentation - Personal Branding
  • Goal: Teach participants in job transition how to repackage skills
  • Testimonial: At a nationally recognized trade group meeting, 100% of professionals surveyed after this APTD presentation found the presenter to be knowledgeable of the subject matter, stated they were "satisfied" to "very satisfied" with the topic covered and found the information valuable to them on a personal and professional level. In all 3 top survey categories combined, AJ received a 90% "very satisfied" rating from participants for her presentation.
  • "An excellent presentation, given in an open, friendly and interactive way. Knowledgeable and responsive. You have no problem with credibility."