Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does APTD do? APTD offers trainings to meet your staff development, leadership development, teambuilding and team facilitation needs. Individual business leaders, team leaders and teams can learn business skills such as team management, team development, customer service, communication, conflict resolution, business development and business process redesign. Whether you are building a business or building a team, we want to ensure you get results. So in addition to trainings, APTD offers step-by-step consulting focused on troubleshooting problems that hinder the newly learned skills from improving productivity in your work environment.

2. Do you customize trainings for your client? Yes. APTD can either teach standard or customized trainings that we've designed, create an entirely new training or facilitate a client-provided training.

3. How are trainings conducted? Classes are held either at our facilities, on-site at the client's place of business or online via webinar.?

4. You mention you provide consulting. Are outside consultants very expensive? It depends on the training consultant and the project. Some consultants can be expensive. When shopping for a consultant, it's important to ask questions until you fully understand how the consultant will bill for YOUR project. APTD prides itself on having clear and competitive rates while delivering high quality service. We ask plenty of questions prior to starting any project so we can focus our work on accomplishing your business goals. We won't insist on doing unnecessary tasks to pad our bills. Staying on budget is as important to us as it is to you; it's how we get referrals.

5. Does hiring an outside training consultant really improve results? Yes! Studies show and interviews with managers who've hired or were supported by an outside consultant have found that the consultant helped improve results. Other team members involved reported an improved perspective that lasted long after the project.

6. I still can't clearly see the value. Why should I hire an outside training consultant? Industry studies show that costs associated with hiring an outside training consultant are often similar to having an in-house training consultant. As an added benefit, hiring an outside consultant lets you pay only for the services you need on a project basis rather than with a year-round salary. Your company could actually hire the help it needs with less wage and benefits cost.

7. I already have a training consultant in-house. Can't in-house training consultants do as good a job? Conventional wisdom holds that in-house consultants are often hindered in their efforts to take on innovative projects to fix workplace problems due to personality, politics, red tape, overcommitted schedules and/or communication challenges. A carefully selected outside training consultant, like one from APTD, can be uniquely positioned to bypass these roadblocks, as they have no negative history in your workplace environment and they are motivated to create win-win situations for everyone. In addition, an APTD training consultant can work symbiotically with the in-house training consultant to help them create better connections to their workplace. This may actually make relationships stronger and colleagues and associates more receptive to in-house assistance in the future.

8. Are there other benefits to hiring an outside training consultant? With an outside training consultant you get fresh energy, loyal support, creative problem solving and cutting-edge consulting practices. To justify their position, most in-house training consultant jobs are designed with a number of regular, required tasks that use so much of the consultant's mental and emotional resources they do not have time to come up with or fully implement creative solutions. At APTD, our only business is coming up with creative solutions packaged as trainings. We love to learn, innovate and motivate. Let our advantage become your advantage.

9. Shouldn't businesses focus primarily on investments that attract new customers and get them to buy? Investments that generate sales income are critical to the survival of any business. But lack of customer retention, bad press through customer complaints and returned products and service credits can eat at a company's bottom line - eroding its profits through backend losses. It's common knowledge that it takes 5-10 times as much money to gain a new customer through advertising than to keep a happy customer retained and continually spending money with your business. The smart money is on consulting and trainings that improve the business and impact customer relations.

10. Can't I learn the same things you'll teach through reading books and attending seminars? The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) movement is going strong in society today, inspiring many amateurs to take on tasks they are not trained for in an effort to forego paying professional fees. However, trainers are trained to train. Consultants are trained to detect and attack problems at their root using techniques most people don't know about or have never considered. It costs time and money as well as at least twice the resources when a failed do-it-yourself training or culture change fix has to be followed up anyway with professional services. Self-learning is great. It helps to be informed enough to have a solid background, but don't be tempted into a do-it-yourself disaster. There's a proverb that goes, "When the axe is dull, much effort is needed, but skill will bring success." Simply put, it can be hard to do work that requires skills you've not sharpened through experience. Often more insight is needed to successfully apply what you've learned in an efficient manner. While the thought of doing-it-yourself is empowering, you must also take into consideration whether you like doing the work, have the requisite experience and are motivated to continue doing the work even in the face of obstacles. A consultant ensures the project keeps progressing and doesn't get stuck even when you do.

11. My team just isn't motivated to change. I've tried everything. What if my team doesn't respond to your help either?? Chances are very high that bringing in an outside consultant who truly connects with your team will improve results. If this is not the case, our "Give Good Value" GuaranteeTM provides for an additional solution attempt and final recommendation at no cost to you.

12. How can I trust in your integrity as a training consultant? APTD respects, admires and has adopted the same tenets as the professional Code of Ethics outlined by the Institute of Management Consultants USA - the 40-year-old, premier professional trade organization for management consultants. Plus, APTD offers our very own "Give Good Value" GuaranteeTM. Ask about it during your initial consultation. Moreover, our consultants also belong to a number of professional trade organizations that keep their skills sharp including ATD - Association for Talent Development, HODN - Houston Organizational Development Network and AMA - the American Marketing Association.

13. Why should I choose APTD? How are you better than the competition? In the best training or consulting solution, chemistry is key. APTD is in a class by itself when it comes to truly connecting with the people we train and offering them multiple sources of follow-up support.

14. You make a strong case. But in this economy, how can I justify the cost? Help is more affordable than you think. During the initial consultation, our training consultant will go over the anticipated project cost, explain how you can get the best return on your investment and identify funding sources. Don't fall into the trap of paying for your decision to NOT hire the help you need. Save time, save money and get better results starting today.