We're in the People-Building & Team-Building Business

About Us

It is our passion to craft innovative, individual and team learning experiences. The goal is to teach professional skills that empower clients to better solve their own problems and improve their business results. Most importantly, our assistance is packaged in a way that suits your personality and team culture. 

We not only train and develop excellent team players, we supply them ASSD is in the people-building AND team-building business. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide flexible, fulfilling and financially-rewarding, income generation opportunities for individuals who are highly talented, purposeful and committed to their own success.

Another apsect of our vision is t
o establish AOWEE as the staffing and staff development firm of choice for caring business and team leaders who are just as concerned with being excellent and making human connections as they are with making money. 

Our Core Beliefs

Give Good Value
You want to get what you paid for, if not a little extra. That's why ASSD offers a "Give Good Value" Guarantee™. Like freebies? Good! We often throw in valuable extras that complement our training programs.

And, we are so confident that our training will lead to the improved results or changed behaviors you desire that we guarantee it. If our training does not achieve the agreed upon objectives, the guarantee provides for an additional solution attempt and/or assessment and final recommendation at no additional charge to you.

In terms of staffing, our partners are carefully screened and trained in ASSD methods of caring for the client to ensure you get good value from every work day. If there is ever a challenge with a staff resource, contact us immediately and we will promptly work to resolve the issue. 

Now, you can try our service virtually risk-free. Contact us for full terms. 

Do the Right Things to Get the Right Results
Often its tempting to take shortcuts when growing your business, only to find you could have saved time and money had you taken a few extra steps at the start. Let us help. Our expert eyes can review your current strategy and pinpoint ways to increase cashflow and productivity as well as protect yourself from business losses.

People Matter
Behind every great company is a great people and a great culture. These two assets alone drive how well your business keeps its customers and its cash. Sharp business management and people management skills ensure your business does well at keeping both.

Process Matters
How are things going? Maybe they are not. In fact, at the root of many business problems is a process that is either missing, broken or unused. ASSD specializes in getting rid of such P.E.S.T. Problems™ - Problems with People, Energy, Systems and/or Technology. Let us investigate how business process redesign can net significant improvements in productivity and cashflow for your business.

Our Company

AOWEE was founded in late 2006 to provide individuals with the business leadership and development skills needed to succeed in today's marketplace.

The name AOWEE, pronounced AY-OH-WEE, was an acronym for A.O. Winning at Excellence Enterprises - reflecting the founder's passion to be a champion of professional excellence in the marketplace.

In 2011, we relaunched as AOWEE Professional Training & Development (APTD) to focus on helping teams as well. In 2016, AOWEE Incorporated added staffing to its list of services under the name AOWEE Staffing & Staff Development (ASSD).

Our Colors

Purple symbolizes prestige and green is for growth. These company colors reflect our passion to help you grow a bigger, better business through our stellar staffing and staff development programs.

Our Staff

ASSD supplies direct hire, temporary, contract and freelance professionals for sales, technical, administrative and customer support roles.

These partners are highly-qualified and motivated individuals who have expertise cultivated by years of formal education and work experience and are trained in ASSD methods of caring for the client. 

As appropriate, ASSD staff also teams with a network of elite consultants and other professionals to deliver the highest quality, most effective solution for your needs.

And we don't just bring skills, we bring personality. Our passion for research, heartfelt communication and animated storytelling brings energy to the workplace that your people will appreciate.